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There are a wealth of opportunities to market your artwork online for free, and today, you have more tools than ever to grow your creative portfolio and career. With marketing tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Basic SEO, you have a prime opportunity to get your work in front of potential art patrons, gallery owners, online magazines, and design firms. Internet marketing also lets you blend your creativity with advertising techniques so you can create your own compelling marketing strategies. To get started on free digital marketing right away, apply these tricks that every artist should know.
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Facebook is one of the premier platforms for digital advertising. The platform serves millions of users daily and offers advertisers some unique opportunities for promoting their product or service. However, most businesses aren’t able to optimize their Facebook advertisements and waste time and money as a result. reported that a mere 42% of businesses tracked their social media spending.

If you aren’t tracking your social media campaigns, your advertisements are never going to earn you the right amount of ROI. If you’ve not been seeing optimal results on your Facebook campaigns, here are some things you might be doing wrong.
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