You have a very attractive website with unbeatable offers and great products – but without having any visitors, all of these will become useless. You’ll not be able to generate sales without website traffic directed to you website. If your website is not visited by the searchers who are actually seeking the services and products you sell, your website is not really doing an actual business.

You need to understand that 80% of website traffic directly comes from the search engine. Therefore, it is very important that your website is in the right position in order to catch the attention of the searches when they are entering the particular keywords or search terms that are related to you products and services.

While it might seem difficult and long to drive traffic to a website, or if you are wondering how to get traffic to your website, there are some effective strategies that you can implement in order for you to drive targeted and consistent traffic to your website. Once you have successfully implemented those strategies, your website’s offers and products will be able to convert those traffics into sales.

While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing are aimed to improve your organic rankings in order to have more traffic, there are also reliable website traffic programs that can deliver targeted and direct traffic to your website. If you decide to try those paid programs for website traffic, you will start to receive solid sales leads and instant traffic with high percentage of ROI. Those programs are designed to constantly drive a fixed visitor numbers into your website every month.

Importance of Website Traffic

Having a SEO website with relevant content and keywords can help you get in top ranking and have a steady traffic, but if you’re looking for targeted and direct website traffic, then you should try the paid traffic programs. You can choose to buy traffic, which means getting targeted and regular traffic to be delivered in your website every month. You’ll receive redirected traffic from websites that have heavy traffic.

You will be able to tap in their massive traffic resource and redirect it to your own website – it is faster and doesn’t really cost much. With a targeted website traffic program, you can choose the visitors count to be received every month. The total count of visitors that will be redirected to your website will greatly depend on the packages you decide to purchase.

Once your website traffic program is already in place, you need to track website traffic if you’re getting your desired results. If not, you need to consider looking for another program. You need to understand that you website always needs to be at its top working condition in order to keep the website traffic and convert them to sales.

How to Get Website Traffic?

As a business owner or market, what would you like most in the world is most probably, more customers. Many business owners are asking, “How to drive traffic to my website?”, and they are lucky enough to know that there are several ways to generate traffic to your website for free and here are the following:

  1. Advertise – there are several ways to advertise online which includes paid search, display advertising and social media advertising as the best ways to attract visitors and brand building. You need to adjust your paid advertisement strategies that will suit your personal goals.
  2. Get Social – You need to understand that it is not enough to have great content and just hope that visitors will easily find it – you have to be completely proactive. Try promoting your content by using social media channel. These are some of the free online advertising methods that you can use to get traffic to your website.
  3. Mix it up – There’s no magic formula for the success in content marketing. For this reason, change the format and length of your content in order to make is as attractive as possible to all types of readers. Combine shorter, news-based posts with long form video and content, data driven pieces and info-graphic for maximum impact.
  4. Write or make irresistible headlines – headlines are one of the most important parts of content. Without having a compelling headline, even the most beautifully written blog post content will go unread.
  5. Pay attention to the On-page SEO – You think SEO is already dead? Think again. Content optimization for search engine is still very important to get traffic to your website. Optimizing your content doesn’t need to take ages, and this can help you boost your organic website traffic.
  6. Hit the long-tail keywords – the long-tail keywords account for majority of the web searches. In other words, if you are not targeting them as a part of your SEO efforts or paid search programs, then you’re missing out something.
  7. Start a guest blogging – securing a guest blogging on a reputable site can increase your website traffic and can help you build your brand into a bargain. However, you need to be careful as guest blogging have radically changed and may view your post as spams that could lead to stiff penalties.
  8. Invite your friends to guest blog on your website – guest blogging is a 2-way street. Guest bloggers will likely share their post to their own website and this could mean traffic to you. You just need to ensure that you will only post original and high quality content without the spammy links because Google will crack a way down on the low quality guest blogging.
  9. Consider the referral traffic – instead of trying to persuade other website to link back to your website, which is a time consuming and tedious process, try making a content that begs to be linked to.
  10. Post content to social media channels – Social media channels, particularly LinkedIn has become much more that a way to find a job. This is that largest professional social networking site in the world, which has a very valuable publishing platform on its own right. This means you can post content to LinkedIn in regular basis and in doing so, you can easily boost your traffic and increase you profile in the industry.
  11. Implement the Schema Microdata – implementing a microdata format won’t really increase your website traffic, but it will make it very easy for you to be search by search engine crawler. Another benefit of this is that is can lead to much better rich-site snippets, which can improve your click-through rates.
  12. Link Internally – Your link profile’s strength is not solely determined by the number of sites that is linked back to you. This can also be affected by the structure of your internal linking. When publishing and creating content, you need to ensure to keep an eye for the internal link opportunities. This will not only help your SEO efforts, but will also result to a more used and better experience for the users, which is a cornerstone to increase your website traffic.
  13. Interview the Thought Leaders in the Industry – you think that think interviews are only for big leaguers? You would be amazed to know that many people are willing to talk to you if you will just try to ask them. Send them request for an interview and publish the interview in your website or blog. The name recognition will surely boost your website traffic and credibility and the interviewee will most probably share the conversation too, which will further expand your reach.
  14. Do not neglect the email marketing – many of the businesses are focused on the attraction of new customers through the content marketing that they already forget to use the traditional methods. Email marketing is still a very powerful tool that can drive traffic to your website. Just be very careful not to spam with relentless emails about your business every single time you have an update. Another thing is not to overlook the word-of-mouth marketing power, especially from those people who are already enjoying your services or products. A friendly reminder on email about your new service can also help you have an increased traffic.
  15. Ensure that your website is responsive – the days when the internet browsing was exclusively done on desktop PCs are already gone. Nowadays, more and more people are using the mobile devices in order to access the web, and if you’re forcing your visitors to scroll their way to your website, you are basically chasing them away. In order to ensure that you have a comfortably viewable and accessible website across different devices, including the tablets and smaller smartphone, upgrade your website and make it responsive.
  16. Ensure that your site is fast – have you ever experienced waiting for 30 seconds before the website completely loads? Annoying isn’t it? If you website takes years to load, your bouncing rate will surely be high. Ensure that you pages are technically optimized as much as possible, including the page structure, image file sizes, and the functionality of the 3rd party plugins. You need to understand that the faster your website loads, the better, and will give you constant website traffic.
  17. Be active on the social media sites – sharing content through the social media channels is not enough; you also need to participate actively in the community too. If you have a twitter account, then try joining the group discussion with the relevant hashtags. Are you followers or audience love to leave comments on your FB posts? Then answer their comments and engage with the. Use the social media sites as it was really intended and always interact with your followers.
  18. Incorporate your videos in your content strategies – the text-based content is all good and well, but the video can be a very valuable asset in the attraction of new visitors and making your website look more engaging. Studies and data showed that the information retention is considerably higher for the visual materials than it is for normal text. In other words, video is a very excellent means to hold and grab the attention of your audience, and boost your website traffic at the same time.
  19. Research your business competition – research your business competition to see if what your competitors plan and not to be left behind. There are online programs that can aggregate the specific site’s social performance and provide you a glance of what topics are viewed by their readers, and ultimately, making round on the social media. Using these online programs will allow you to find what people are talking about and reading, and you should emulate the content you have found out to be popular in order to bring website traffic to your own website.
  20. Host some webinars – you need to understand that people always love to learn, and through the help of webinars, as an excellent way to share knowledge and wisdom to your audience, you can easily share it with them. Along with a very effective social media promotion campaign, hosting a webinar is a great way to increase your website traffic. Try sending out emails once a week before the webinar or ahead of time in order to give them enough time to register and have something to look forward on your website. Ensure to have an archive of your presentation for their later viewing. Promote your webinar widely across the social media channels to have great amount of traffic. If you are wondering
  21. Attend some conferences – whatever industry you are in, there are chances that at least 1 or 2 major conferences or convention are completely relevant to the business you’re in. Attending these kinds of events is a very good idea to promote or bring your online business to the next level. Even the halfway decent-speaking gathering or engagement is a great way to establish your business as well as yourself as a thought leader in your related field and have your site a significant exposure.
  22. Examine your data analytics – web analytics tools are invaluable source of data about the entire conceivable aspect of your website, from your most visited pages to the visitor demographics. You need to keep a close eye on your own data analytics, and use that information in order to inform your content and promotional strategies. Also pay close attention to the pages and posts are proving to be most popular. Try to inspect the visitor’s data in order to see when, where, and how your website traffic is coming from.

How to Track Web Traffic Without Spending Much?

If you are promoting your website on the internet, it is very important that you track website traffic, where it is coming as well as how good the traffic is. Search engines are some of the great ways to get traffics online and many online entrepreneurs out there spend almost lots of time in marketing online without analyzing the thing that is working for them. Now, pinpointing it and tracking the website traffic will no longer be a hard task to do with the help of Google analytics website traffic. It is a free service which is being offered by Google that helps in generating the needed statistics of all the possible visitors to your particular website, which is a must for all online entrepreneurs.

It is always very much important to track web traffic because it can help you see just how many times the people from all around the world visit your particular site and how many of new visitors do arrive regularly on everyday basis. Tracking internet traffic is commonly used to gauge the potential or target audience as well as their patronage in order for you to be able to successfully market your own website properly. Google analytics website traffic is just one of the best free web analytics tools that you can ever find and will be very beneficial to you, to your website and to your overall online business. The following are the simple and easy steps on how to track internet traffic without spending much.

  1. Go to the login page of Google Analytics. It is a free online application that will help you to keep track as well as analyze all the traffics that come to your particular site. Aside from that, it will also help in streamlining your website to effectively help in increasing its marketability.
  2. Create your own Google account with a valid username and a strong password. It is highly advisable for you to create a password that is alphanumeric to prevent password theft. The alphanumeric password must contain both symbols and letters for a more added security.
  3. Go to the sign-up page. Analyze the website URL and only one single field is being provided in the meantime. Google analytics website traffic has the ability to effectively track down even more than one single website but this particular option to effectively add more number of sites will be strictly provided only when a certain user is finally done with the initial or primary sign-up. After that, fill in also the other required information in the other fields and then click continue.
  4. After continuing, it is t=now time for the new account sign-up page. Here, you will also have to fill in all the necessary fields and then click continue. It is important that you read the terms and agreement page as well as accept the user agreement.
  5. After that, you will then see a certain box that contains scripts. On top of this certain box is where you can find the instructions. You will have to follow it and then paste the contents that you can find on the box and press it right to your site. Then press “continue” when you are already backing on the page of Google Analytics.
  6. Pressing “continue” will bring you to the homepage of your own Google Analytics wherein you will see the details of the particular website that you want to track. These include the average time that the visitors spend on your certain website, how many hits, bounce rate and more. The best about checking in the Google analytics website traffic is that you can also add the other sites that you would want to track and monitor.

Aside from the Google analytics website traffic, there are also some other tools that you can utilize to track website traffic such as Alexa, Quarkbase and many more.

How does Google Track Traffic?

Tracking the traffic of the website is one of the very important aspects to the overall success of any kind of online business. One of the tools that can help track website traffic is Google analytics website traffic and almost all of us, especially the online marketers and online entrepreneurs love to hear traffic alerts but to know just how Google track these traffics is still a mystery to most of the people out there around the world.

The approach of Google Analytics show a high level and dashboard-type information or data for all casual users as well as a more in-depth data even further into a certain report set. This tool can identify a poorly performing webpages with special techniques such as the funnel visualization, where the possible visitors came from, how long have they stayed as well as their geographical positions. Aside from that, it also has more advanced features which include the custom visitor segmentation.

What is PageRank Checker?

PageRank has become very popular today and synonymous with domain names and websites. Nowadays, it is a way much easier to rank posts as well as pages that are written on websites with PageRank. Web rankings determine the relevance of several websites on the internet and with the terms web ranking, it simply means that it refers to the website’s position in all search engine results pages and can be determined on a particular set of criteria that provides all end users with an accurate as well as helpful search results.

Have you ever heard of PageRank checker? It is a certain rating system that will help you indicate just how important a website folio is in felling on the WWW network and it is more like a polling system wherein the web pages that have the majority of the votes of the audience will be displayed. A PageRank checker is a free service that you can use to check Google PageRank as well as well as in Bing and Alexa, online instantly with a certain PageRank check tool or a certain PageRank button.

The PageRank checker is one of the effective tools to effectively determine which pages appear right in the search results. PageRank has a significant overall impact on your specific Google rankings. A PageRank checker or an SEO tool like Bing PageRank checker, Alexa rank checker, PageRank checker for Firefox and other online website ranking checker can check the current public PageRank for every single webpage.

Importance of PageRank checker

Increasing one’s traffic or of a website as well as getting a very good pagerank of the web pages is one of the most common dreams of all online marketers and online entrepreneurs out there in this particular type of industry. Having this edge over others can be your great advantage in getting more traffics and visitors to your website. Thinking about ways how to get traffic for website free is not the only thing that online entrepreneurs must focus on or take into considerations because succeeding and getting a very good amount of traffic and pagerank is more than that.

One of the most effective pagerank checker or SEO tools in the online world is Alexa PageRank Checker which will instantly check the particular Alexa PageRank of your own website and will show you the results in just a tick of the clock. By just utilizing this, you will have the results that will show you the pagerank of your website as well as a traffic graph which plots about 6 months of your website traffic. With this, you can get a lot of insights without even having the need to exert much amount of time and efforts as well as pain in the neck when you fail to get what you have expected in the first place.

With the use of the PageRank Checker, you can get the job well done because you can do it perfectly without having the need to navigate all through the extraneous content in order to get the certain information or details that you need at a particular time. Check website rank with the use of a certain PageRank Checker like Alexa PageRank checker and you can certainly expect that you will be able to measure just how your website is doing or performing relative to all the other possible sites on the web for over the past three months. In this manner, you will know just how much persons visit your web pages, in what particular search engine it excels and what is its overall PageRank. Knowing all of these things can help you in improving your web pages as well as in thinking of the possible online marketing strategies you will employ to gain progress and even more traffics.

As we all know, PageRank stands for the essentialities or importance of each page in a website according to the multiple criteria as well as signals. Some of them possibly include the amount or number of the incoming links for a particular URL, the possible numbers of the links per page and the quality of the links that point to every website. This particular rank is also very important in evaluating the website’s performance and quality while also searching for the affiliate partners or as well as to conduct a healthy or meaningful competitor analysis.

Website popularity rank: how to make it very much possible?

With website popularity, you can always expect that your website and business have nowhere else to go but up which is a great thing to happen for online entrepreneurs and online marketers in the online industry. In order for you to make your own website popular without exerting much effort, time or a lump sum of money, you must have a free website advertising and other very effective tool which you can effectively utilize to have an edge over your competitors.

A website popularity rank is one of the most efficient tools in making your website have a very good ranking and traffic and will enable you to get in just one click a certain view of the pages that are all currently pointing to your particular website. These tools will also help in having an evaluation in terms of the numbers as well as the quality of the backlinks. This information that will be provided may also be used to analyze the competition and will be an effective and concrete reference in the future in comparing the status of a website.

The goal of every website is to have an incredibly effortless flow of traffic every single day and having a keyword density as well as design incorporation and using the basic HTML scripting, maintaining the visitor satisfaction, providing quality content and building quality backlinks are just some of the very effective ways on how to get traffic, to increase traffic and to get your website and web pages on top of almost all famous search engines.

Google analytics: an effective way to analyze website traffic

Google analytics is an effective and free service that is being offered through Google that will allow the website owner to monitor all the visitor’s activity right on your particular website, of course, if it is setup properly. With this particular tool that you can use effectively on how to track internet traffic, it is very much possible for you to see where your website traffics are coming from, how many users or visitors are coming right there to your website, where they are possibly going, and through which keywords and search engines they found in your website. Google Analytics is not only of the highest quality and effective because it is also a very powerful tool that is easy and simple to use.

Getting a Setup on Google analytics website traffic is just plain simple and easy because several alternate image websites are all setup with this tool as soon as they go love and all you will have to do is to send in a certain support ticket for you to be added as a certified user to your site analytics account and once you are already setup as a certified and approved user, you can now login in order to view your Google analytics website traffic.

It is very advantageous to have because it can definitely help every online entrepreneur and websites to improve the visitor engagement by almost 33% and the click-through by over 21% for the content promotions on a website’s homepage. Aside from that, it can also help improve the website performance across sites, apps and even offline marketing. With this, you can possibly turn the customer’s insights into actual actions for your business’s fast growth and success in the online industry.

Why Google analytics website traffic? If you want to get the most out of your website then this one is the best for you to have. It is the only tool so far that would allow you to see where the visitors of your website come from and if they stayed in your site or they leave immediately. Furthermore, it is where you can easily set up possible goals that will certainly match your particular business goals as well as will measure if the visitors are also meeting those certain goals.

With Google analytics website traffic, you can definitely get a valuable insights about all your visitors and will help you to identify the social media sites that will incredibly send the most number of visitors back to your own website for you to see or know the one that needs more attention. With Google analytics website traffic, you will also see and learn more about the visitors and users who come to your website from Facebook, Twitter, Google and other popular social media sites.

Google PageRank Explained

PageRank is what Google uses in determining the significance of a web page. It is one of the many factors used in determining which pages will appear in search results. As developed by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Stanford, PageRank is sometimes also referred to by the slang term, “Google juice”. At the time when Brin and Page met, search engines are most commonly linked to pages with the highest keyword density, which meant that people would be able to game the system by means of repeating the same phrase repeatedly in order to attract higher page results, and so to get visitors to your website. As patent by Stanford, the name “PageRank” likely comes from Larry “Page”.

PageRank measure is the importance of a web page. Brin and Page’s theory revolves that the most significant pages online are the pages that have the most links leading to them. Google PageRank thinks of links as votes, in which a page linking to another page will cast a vote. It makes sense, as people tend to link to relevant content and the pages that have more links to them are most commonly better resources as compared to pages that nobody is linking. PageRank does not stop there, but it is also looking at the importance of the page containing the link. The pages with higher rank have more weight to voting with their links, as compared to pages with lower PageRank, and you can check your rank through Google PageRank toolbar.

Furthermore, it is looking at the number of links on the page that casts the vote. The pages with more links are less in weight. It also make a particular of senses; important pages are quite better authorities in leading web surfers to better sources, and pages with more links are more likely to be less discriminating on where they will link. So, it is important that you check website rank in Google to know whether or not you are improving or getting worse in rank. PageRank is one of the many factors determining where your web page appears in search result ranking, but if all of the other factors are equal, PageRank may have essential impact on your rankings in Google. It is measured on a scale of 1-10, and it is being assigned to individual pages within a site, not in the entire site. If you would want to increase your PageRank, you will need to get traffic to your website, or other people to link to your site.

Google PageRank Algorithm

We are living in a computer era, internet is part of our daily, and information is just one click away. Just open your favorite search engine such as Google and the search engine will display the pages that are relevant to your search. However, how does a search engine actually work? At first glance, it seems to be reasonable imagining that what a search engine does is keeping an index of all the web pages, and when a user is typing in a query search, the engine will browse through its index, and check site ranking keywords, counting its occurrences in every web file. The winners are the pages that have the highest number of keywords’ occurrences. It will be displayed back to the user.

The usefulness of search engines depend on the relevance of the results set that it gives back. There be millions of web pages including a certain phrase or word, but some of them will be more popular, relevant, or authoritative as compared to others. Users do not have patience or the capability of scanning through all the pages that contain the given query words. One will expect the relevant pages to be displayed between the top 20 pages returned by search engine. This is why it is important to check website ranking and optimize your website.

The search engine is employing methods to rank the results in order to provide the best results that are more elaborate as compared to just plain text ranking. One of the most influential and known algorithms to compute the relevance of web pages is the Google PageRank algorithm used by Google search engine. Sergey Brin and Larry Page have invented it while they are graduating students at Stanford, and it became a Google trademark in 1998. The idea that has been brought up was that the significance of any web page might be judged by looking at the page linking to it. If we would create a web page and include hyperlink to the web page, it means we can consider the web page as relevant and important for our topic, and so it is important to have an online website ranking checker.

If there are many pages, which link to web pages, it means that the common belief is the web page is important. On the other hand, your web page has only one backlink, but it comes from an authoritative site, therefore, the authoritative site asserts that your web page is important. Whether we talk about authority or popularity, we will be able to iteratively assign a rank to every web page, based on the pages’ ranks that point to it. With this, there have been many free website traffic generator software to help businesses rank their blogs and websites.

Alexa PageRank Checker

Alexa Rank is a scheme of blogs or websites’ ranking wherein the ranking is done on the basis of the traffic density that each blog or website has by means of counting the number of visitors in a certain time. However, for Alexa Page ranking, it has to be ensured that Alexa toolbar is installed and running. Installing this toolbar is recommended, since advertising networks or advertising companies and bloggers usually pay attention on the Alexa Rank to decide whether a review would be obtained for the particular websites or blogs. High number of rank of a website seems to be essential just because the advertising companies are relying on this ranking in order to determine the cost for placing advertisements in the concerned sites. Many ad networks and advertisers are using this rank checker in determining the value of advertising of many websites.

By using Alexa web ranking, companies will decide on how much they will pay for an advertisement in the blogs or websites. Thereby, higher ranking in Alexa will give higher inclination and opportunity towards such websites. There are many benefits that higher ranking in Alexa provides, for it considers records of the last 3 months when it calculate the rank of a certain site. By counting the record from the last 3 months and taking the average value, it will give a more realistic and more logical calculation of the traffic density of websites. Considering records of the last 3 months will lessen the chance of fabrication of abnormal hike in the log in process of a site.

Here, it has to be kept in mind that Alexa rank checker will assess those sites, which have been visited by users through Alexa toolbar. Thereby, there will be greater chance for the websites to have much traffic of visitor, having higher rank, and getting larger exposure. If several websites have few users but they accessed the website through Alexa toolbar, they will rank high enough. Having higher rank in Alexa for a website will give a hint of the rush of a certain website, as well as its popularity. Along with the best website traffic generator, this popularity will help you in making decision as to whether or not to trust a website or make purchases online. It will help you to measure the level of competition with many other sites by means of watching their rank on Alexa.

Furthermore, having high rank on Alexa will attract the advertisers to give you free advertising online for my website, and they will simply fix higher prices for their advertising in your site, which also include blogs. A blog that has high Alexa rank will be able to definitely attract the attention of other bloggers and they will ultimately place links of your blogs, which will, in turn, increase your popularity. As far as the marketing websites are concerned, a website with high Alexa rank has a high rate of selling as compared to other websites that are selling the same products or services. It has been proven by many marketing surveys that high Alexa search rankings can increase the popularity of a site, which is the exact need of any business and author.

All businesses that have taken up online marketing are aiming at improving their rate of conversion. Now, there are various ways to attract targeted traffic. Some people go for a good place in the SERPs, while others want to know that their website is receiving heavy traffic to my website. Either way, everyone has this objective of attaining financial success. However, while having high score with Google may seem to be the way for particular business people to make themselves known, and thereby, attaining their goal, there are others, who are thinking that a good place in Alexa may benefit them just as well.


Website traffic is without a doubt one of the most crucial element in order to have a successful online venture. When talking about online/internet traffic, you may often hear the terms “site statistics” or “website analysis”. These terms are very useful in order to effectively drive traffic to your website and are popularly known as website analytics.

Generally, website analytics are referred to as analysis, measurement and reporting of the internet to optimize and understand a website. In simpler words, these are data that show the visitors on your website, how they got to your website, what their actions are once they landed on your website, and where they went afterwards.

Analytics are ultimately essential for various reasons. The primary reason is that as soon as you understand the behavior of your visitors, you can optimize it to drive traffic to your website, and improve results. When you analyze this path, you may be able to notice that visitors are dropping off at the billing or delivery pages, and so it will reduce the number of visitors that complete the flow all the way to the payment confirmation page. This will result to being able to optimize the path by means of merging some of the pages, thereby, reducing the number of steps to buy.

Analytics are providing information to be able to help you in making educated changes to your website, based on some actual data, unlike the hypothesized ideas based on opinions. Furthermore, analytics are significant in helping you understand about which promotion method will work well for your site. If you invested in a new form of advertising, you can easily see how many visitors has been driven and track website traffic, and whether those users are your potential audience and are likely to attain your website objective.

Finally, analytics may be ultimately useful to help you in finding the things that are broken on your site. For instance, if you notice a hundred percent drop off in a customer path, you will be able to check to see if a page is down. Likewise, if you constantly get a particular amount of visitors through a particular source, and then it stops, there might be an issue with the link referring traffic to you. Website analytics will be providing you with useful data, which could men great improvements to your site’s performance if acted upon and interpreted correctly.

Website analytics provide information about your website and its visitors. This is an essential tool for website traffic that will give you reliable data on how many visits your website had, whether the visitors on your website are returning or new visitors, the demographic data like what country they’re visiting from, and the kind of browser they are using, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. This also gives data on the audience behavior such as where the visitors landed on your web page and where they exited, which of your web pages are the most visited, and how long the visitors stayed on your website.

For campaign data, this shows that kind of campaign drove the visitors to your webpage, the domain sites that referred the website traffic, and the keywords visitors have searched that led them to your website. When you look at your website data, it’s likely that you will come across with several terms that you are not really familiar with. So, do some research first before you use web analytics tool for your website. Along with web analytics tool, you can also use PageRank checker such as Alexa rank tool in order to track your page ranking on search engine. In this way, you will be able to know if your website still needs further improvement in order to gain more traffic.